WACEO is a DAO compliance focused non-profit organization based in Belgium and supporting blockchain-based projects in Europe and around the world. We are a team of governance, legal, and regulatory compliance specialists whose aim is to enable and maintain a framework in which DeFi projects, DAOs, DEXs, Web3, and other blockchain-based organizations can get access to competent service providers while maintaining a significant level of decentralization.

Our mission is to support blockchain-based projects to maintain a significant level of decentralization while aiding regulatory compliance, litigating against scammers and lobbying for its legal recognition. We aim to educate the DeFi sector on the importance of compliance and regulation in the blockchain industry which is crucial for longevity, fraud/scam prevention, and overall growth.

At WACEO, our ultimate purpose is to aid the process of implementing and enforcing compliance regulations in DeFi that are supportive of its growth. 

We continue growing a network of various firms to ensure that blockchain-based projects have a compliant environment in which they can interact with the traditional world safely. Furthermore, we are committed to providing the best possible litigation support in the event of a loss of digital assets, such as scam or rug pull. Our team is also available to educate the founders and communities on the compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our Team

At WACEO, our team enables us to create an environment that enables long-term success of blockchain-based organizations. We’re a team of amazing people behind a host of regulatory compliant DeFi projects. We’re governance, legal, and compliance consultants providing assistance that make a difference in the growth of your project.

Aléksa Mil

Managing Director

Asavari Ojha

Paralegal in Operations

Dian Trabulsy

Head of Strategy

Aleksandra Aleksić

Marketing and Brand Manager

Asha Shetty


Hailey Pacaci

Community Manager

Gina Lyn Colina

Jr Assistant

Trisha Biswas


Nathan Vandy

Legal Consultant

Luis David Briceno Perez

Corporate Finance

Andres Martinez

Investments and Internalization

Zeb Lelie

DAOist, Governance & Tokenomics

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