Providing the Road to Regulatory Clarity in the Decentralized Finance Industry

Our Background

Founded in August 2018, WACEO was established with the goal of enabling decentralised autonomous organisations and other virtual asset service providers to operate in compliance within the EU regulatory framework.

There is currently a high level of regulatory uncertainty for stakeholders in the decentralised finance industry. It is part of our mission to support the maturing of policy and regulation, on an EU and international level, that fosters proportionate measures for innovation with societal benefits.

Our Services

WACEO provides service with a purpose. These include:


Providing legal and regulatory audits to stakeholders during formation and management of decentralised finance projects.


Providing supervisory support to stakeholders in the form of contracts, policies and procedures.


Providing training and consultation to stakeholders which wish to utilise and understand decentralised financial services including asset tokenization, DeFI, NFTs and CBDCs.

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