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Helping DAOs Maintain a Significant Level of Decentralization
Helping DAOs Maintain a Significant Level of Decentralization

As DAOs grow, they are constantly facing a risk of being deemed as centralized organizations (establishing partnerships, contracts, need to onboard), this can manifest itself in having single points of failures that might suggest centralized organizations, on the clear identification of leadership and central decision making, and other activities the DAOs engage in.

Holistic Compliance Support for DAOs
Holistic Compliance Support for DAOs

With the increasing regulations and compliance requirements affecting blockchain-based projects, WACEO provides you with comprehensive and best-in-class support to stay compliant. Our network of professionals provides a framework for DAOs, Web 3, crypto and NFT projects to navigate tax, intellectual property, legal and other regulatory challenges while maintaining a significant level of decentralization.

Legal Representation
Legal Representation

WACEO has built an infrastructure that makes it easy for blockchain-based projects to interact with vetted competent professional providers.

DeFi Litigation
DeFi Litigation

The DeFi sector has experienced its fair share of frauds and scams that caused communities to lose their assets to scammers and rug pulls. We aim to clean up the environment of bad actors by litigating against them and helping Rekt investors.

Lobbying with the focus on Education on DeFi
Lobbying with the focus on Education on DeFi

WACEO aims to collaborate proactively with regulators to ensure they have a comprehensive  understanding of DeFi and its significance. With our lobbying, we interact with legislators and regulators to draft policies that include DAO members as stakeholders. Our Women in DeFi initiative aims to advance the membership of women in the community through  education and mentorship programs.

How Can We Help?

WACEO provides a framework for individuals and organizations to navigate the complexities of structuring blockchain projects compliantly while maintaining a significant level of decentralization. We give access to the network of experts that cuts across crypto, DAO, NFT, Web3, Metaverse, and other blockchain-based projects.

Legal Assessments
Legal Representation
Compliant Banking for DAOs
Technical Legal Work

Governance, Legal Structure & Compliance Support For DAO Communities

We keep track of emerging regulations and other developments that could affect our member DAOs. As the decentralized blockchain industry creates new challenges and opportunities for better compliance and legal conflict resolution, WACEO is at the forefront of providing legal representation and compliance framework every step of the way.

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