Membership privileges


Registration only open for regulated exchanges .

  • Be significant within its Industry and country community
  • Significant means that, in addition to being important based on its size, a market should also be dedicated to supporting, directly or indirectly, the formation of crypto assets or the management and deployment of a blockchain, and be an important factor within the Digital and crypto economy.

  • Be the token or a coin that pursue public interest purposes
  • Token or a coin should be regulated and pursue purposes that are in the public interest, having as a goal to be fair, orderly and neutral to protect all public participants.
  • In fulfilment of its public good responsibilities, an Affiliate member must remain neutral and fair to all actors. Questions can arise because of the changing ownership structure of tokens and coins, and also new entrants into the trading space.
  • However, the neutrality and fairness remain key criteria for WACEO members. Affiliate membership applications are subject to a desktop review, followed by an in-depth inspection. The candidacies are opened to existing exchange member comment and require final approval.

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