Best Practices

We Educate , Advocate , and Organize

We an international association dedicated to leading, serving  and representing the regulated digital assets exchange operators.

  • Advocate on behalf of the global digital exchange sector and to work with EU and global regulators to establish standards for the proper functioning of the digital assets industry
  • To be the institutional reference source for best practice , develop and promote best practices
  • To support the industry in a fast paced ever changing economic, legal, technological, environments .
  • To offer educational services to our members, conferences, cocktails, breakfasts, dinner-debates with the fully engaged stakeholders in crypto-economy, who share their practical experience with the WACEO members.

Program Overview

The Best Practices Program consists of five one-day modules. You can register for individual modules; however, the five-part seminar series runs in sequence and should be completed over a period of one year for best results. A certificate is awarded to the brokerage upon completion of the entire program.

Program Outline

know the Law
  • Law and regulation overview
  • How does it apply to your business
  • Caution against regulatory arbitrage
Setting the Framework for Change
  • Assess options for change
  • Develop a framework for a strategic plan
  • Develop an action plan
  • Develop a plan to involve brokerage staff in the Best Practices process

Sales and Marketing

  • Develop a “big picture” approach to sales and marketing
  • Review producer programs and consider options for change
  • Assess and set goals for carrier relationships
  • Define and set customer service standards

Human Resources Management

  • Define roles and responsibilities with job descriptions
  • Hire and orient new employees
  • Position digital assets with respect to employment laws and regulations
  • Develop a training and development plan and human resources manual

Operations and Financial Management

  • Identify office-operational and financial goals
  • Develop approaches for effectively dealing with technology issues
  • Compare income, expense and cash flow management strategies
  • Develop an operations manual

Action Planning

  • Planning for succession
  • Making use of the business plan
  • Fine-tuning brokerage action plan
  • Finalizing strategic plan and next steps

For registration , please contact Jennifer Wong .

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