WACEO as a community has the aim of connecting DAO members, stakeholders and service providers while representing and promoting their collective interests. WACEO was established with the mission of enabling DAOs and Service Providers to operate in compliance within the EU regulatory framework.

There is currently a high level of regulatory uncertainty for stakeholders in the blockchain industry. It is part of our mission to support the maturing of policy and regulation, on an EU and international level, that fosters proportionate measures for innovation that hold societal benefits.

We complete this by acting as an association that brings together DAOs that seek to be compliant and Service Providers that seek to differentiate their competencies in blockchain related services. In perusal of our mission, we focus on the following 10 activities.


Providing DAOs with audits, supervision and the development of decentralized governance roadmaps in line with legal and regulatory frameworks.


Increasing the standards of Service Providers in the blockchain industry.


Organisation of workshops, expert roundtables and working groups to initiate and explore research and development of new blockchain protocols, systems, products, services and use cases.


Promote the WACEO ecosystem through our website and other online-channels.


Education through events, publications and (public) discussions.


Supporting public institutions in creating optimal conditions for the Blockchain-based organisations location Europe.


Collaboration with, and support of other organizations pursuing similar interests.


Scientific events, publications and research projects.


Awarding research contracts.


Making available communication systems and structures.